All harness is custom made to customer’s requirements and to properly fit your horse or pony. It can be made with all straps lined and stitched or single strap where appropriate. The horse pictured at left is sporting a set suitable for a country type two wheel vehicle, in this case a meadowbrook. The gig saddle (pad) is a cantleless style with a straight flap and a sliding backband. It is made in plain leather. I make my own trees so I can properly fit your equine. I will give instructions for you to make template or your equine’s back. If within a reasonable distance I can come out and measure for you.

Cantled and Swelled Gig Pad with Sliding backband

Driving Bridles made in several styles to suit

Cantled Straight Flap Gig Pad with contrast piping on seat

Uncantled Straight Gig Pad

Close up of piping on above Gig Pad

This pony’s harness has a cantled gig saddle with sliding backband. The noseband and breastcollar have decorative stitching and the harness is trimmed with brown piping to brighten up an otherwise plain black turnout. Note the martingale this novice pony is wearing. A good safety tool for training or for an equine that has a tendency to rear or toss it’s head. Should be adjusted so it does not come into play unless it does either of these.