Foal Slip. Scaled down filly slip with slip chin, whole wire buckles. Also available with buckled chin strap. £145.00

Filly Slip, 1/2"raised nose and browband. £130.00

Foal (Halter) Slip. Traditional single strap styled foal slip. Can be made in larger sizes. £75.00

Stallion Bridle, chain brow, raised nose, rolled throat, crown buckles. £165.00

Stallion Bridle, clincher brow, raised and swelled nose band, with fancy stitching. Swege Buckles. £165.00

Examples of show/inspection halters for Warmblood foals and yearlings

Stallion In-Hand Show tack                    The above set is suitable for the British native pony breeds, it includes a back strap and crupper ( not shown).This style, cob size £545.00

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Cheeks from left to right:

Raised shown with Crown Buckles 5/8" width

Flat stitched with Swege Buckles, Swege Buckles now available in stainless steel as well

Round with Whole Wire Buckles

Flat stitched with West End Buckles

West End Buckles are available in Brass, Chrome or Stainless Steel, all othes are Brass only.

Plaited Rope Halter. Available in 6 and 8 strand plait. All sizes made. From £40.00

 Plain Rope Halter. All sizes available. From £15.00

3 and 4 Strand Plaited Brow Bands

The following photo's represent some of the Bridles and Halters that have been produced in our shop. These are only to give you an idea of what we can make for you. All styles or colors or any combination is available as it it all produced in our workshop. We do follow tradition for items for the show ring for Welsh and other British ponies but can modify any item to make your pony stand out. We also make other show bridles and halters for sport horses and ponies and many other breeds.

Cob Bridle with double stitched nose band, crown buckles. £185.00

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Brow Bands from top, Lined/padded Clincher link, plain Clincher link, available in brass or Nickel. Ring front, Brass only. Velvet, all colours.

Nose Bands from top. Rolled, Plain raised, can be fancy stitched. Swelled and fancy stitched. Swelled and double stitched.

Plain Filly Slip with Plaited Brow.£115.00. With plain brow £95.00

Riding Bridles made in all styles and sizes. Horse on left is sporting an Australian style. Horse on right a padded Event/ Dressage style