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   This chart can be used for Bridles, Show Halters, Stallion Tack and Harness. Email or call for instructions to make template for  saddle fit, side or over check measure and collar measure.

Name: ________________________________________ Equines name: _____________________
Breed: __________________ Height: ___________hands Type of Vehicle: ________________

1. Around head to each corner of mouth ________in.
1A. For Show Halter (no bit) measure from noseband line ________in.
1B Crown – from base of ear around top of head to base of ear ________in.
2. Brow – from base of each ear ________in.
3. Throat – from base of each ear ________in.
4. Noseband – all around ________in.
5. Side Reins – e.g. Stallion Tack ________in.
6. Girth – around body for Harness or Stallion Tack surcingle ________in.
7. Breast Collar – from shoulder for single, from girth for pair harness ________in.
8. Backstrap (crupper) – from saddle pad to dock ________in.
9. Hipstrap ________in.
10. Breeching – from flank above stifle ________in.
11. Traces – measure vehicle shafts from single tree to shaft tip ________in.
Don’t worry, we can usually spot “off” measurements