Belt with Westend Buckle. Brass Stainless steel or Chrome. Most sizes. Priced from £45.00

Coopermill Harness is not just for Equines, I also make various items with people and dogs in mind. All products are made of the finest Bridle leathers available, in my workshop, not sourced out. The belts can be made in any width or length although some of the Buckle choices may be limited in available sizes. More Buckle styles are available. Belts have the  buckles handstitched on and finished to a high standard and can go from Dress to Casual .The Rolled dog collars are very popular for Poodles and other long haired Breeds. The rolling is done by hand with recessed stitching and is completely round. Other styles available.

I make Sheaths for all kinds of knives and other tools with sharp edges.

No 1 buckle made by Amish  Craftman. Limited supply. 1 3/4" £50.00.

Horseshoe roller Buckle, 1 1/4" 1 1/2". Brass or Nickel. Other sizes available without roller.

Sheaths custom made for all style of knives and other items. A leather welt is inserted in seams around blade to prevent blade cutting stitching, unless instructed otherwise.

            Hatch Sheath.

Sheath for Folding Machette

Collars mage in many styles to suit your dog. Plain or fancy with synthetic or Swarovski crystals.

Brown collar with Rhinestones, self lined. Black with immitation Turquiose stone. Lined with soft leather. Can add padding and/or contrasting colour lining. Priced from £45.00.

Rolled collars great for long haired dogs. all sizes made. Prices start from £30.00