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Rolled Collars


A customer favourite for long haired Breeds. The fur is less likely to mat under the collar, when worn for long periods. The collar is hand rolled and stitched with recessed stitching on roll. Available any size in black or brown Bridle leather, with Brass or Chromed Brass hardware. £29.50 Slightly more for larger breeds

Plain Collar


A good strong collar, made of the best Bridle leather. Available in various lengths and widths to fit any size dog. Black or brown with choice of Brass or Chrome Bass hardware. From £15.50

Buckstitched Collar


A dainty collar with contrasting leather lacing woven into a 1/2" wide leather collar, which is padded and lined with soft leather. A matching lead is also available. Black or brown bridle leather with your choice of lace colour. I have to import the lace, so please allow 2/3 weeks if I don't have your colour. Collar £35.00 Lead £30.00

Jeweled Collar


A little Bling for that special pooch. Several gem colours available with silver or brass spots. other designs available. I have a nice Turquoise gem for a male pup. Lined and padded for comfort. Dog Collar shown is 5/8" strap. Can be made wider and any size.Matching  lead available. Dog Collar from £35.00. Dog Lead from £30.00. Jewelled Dog Harness also available.

Studded Collar


Tiny studs on a 1/2" strap. Collar is padded and lined with soft  leather. Brass or Stainless steel spots on black or brown leather. Available as a set or separately. Made for the small dog in mind. I can make on a wider strap for larger dog. other spots available. Collar from £35.00. Lead £30.00

Greyhound Collar


Collar for Greyhounds, Whippets and Lurchers. This one is 2 inches (51mm) wide, tapering to 3/4" (20mm) for buckle and billet. Available plain or padded and lined and decorated to your choice. From £22.50