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Driving Harness

Driving Harness


  1. Single sets of Leather Carriage or Show driving harness custom made and styled to suit your horse or pony and Vehicle. Good fit, comfort and strength being of the uppermost importance. Above harness in plain leather with brown trim, suitable for Country Turnout

Driving Bridle


Show harness bridle with round Patent blinkers and patent lined crown. Blinker stays and throat in rolled leather. Other styles available.

Driving Reins


Set of Plaited driving reins. This set is  3/4" wide with Brass West End buckles made for a small pony. All sizes and other styles made. Plaited from £185.00. Plain reins from £120.00

Gig Saddle


Gig Saddles with sliding back bands are recommended for two wheeled vehicles as more weight is placed on the horses back. Cantled and swelled style shown.

Uncantled Gig Saddle


A plain leather uncantled saddle with straight flaps. Both styles show are fully padded and lined. Since I make my own trees I can fit most equines. Instructions provided plus measuring chart sent on request.

Shaft Tugs


I make several styles of Tugs. Illustrated is a personal favourite, a modified version of an American Tug. Buckled to a shorter Back Band, the attached billets buckle to a Belly Band. This allows you to change to Tilbury or french Tugs if needed.